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    "I am so glad Heather taught me this information. I am doing well financially because of it. I see others my age in hard financial situations, who feel like giving up, because they do not have this knowledge."

    Kristen Goudey

    Nova Scotia, Canada

    who is heather?:

    Heather draws on decades of experience in financial analysis, business planning, and accounting to provide advice, support, and recommendations to clients.

    She is the author of the upcoming book “Financial empowerment for Women” and creator of the “Financial Clarity for Prosperity” course.

    Heather delights in educating people who are open to change and looking for personal attention to accomplish life goals they have so long desired.

    My methods can help you if you:

    · don't know where it is going

    · wonder if you can maintain your current lifestyle

    · have a high income but don't have money

    · want to make better money choices

    · desire time and money freedom